HISAFE - Safety at Work
Working at hights

What are the basic legal site requirements ?

  • A competent person with experience, understanding, attitude and qualifications must be appointed in writing to identify, assess, mitigate and control on-site risks and hazards.
  • A site survey will provide a needs analysis that will identify non-conformances against legal and corporate protocols.
  • Identify and assess on-site hazards and risk and document risk assessments and, if necessary, fall protection plans, detailed with suggested controls to mitigate the hazards and risks identified.
  • Design and implement reasonable & practicable controls which must be detailed in the risk assessments or fall protection plans.
  • Create a site specific Safety File containing all required legal documentation and relevant assessments and appointments.
  • Monitor and test the effectiveness of all implemented controls.
  • Communicate the risk assessments and fall protection plans with management, all employees and contractors.
  • Provide all employees with the necessary equipment required to ensure that work is conducted safely and in a safe environment.