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Working at hights

Site Inspection / Survey & Needs Analysis (Gap Analysis)

A visit to the client site to investigate and from a first-hand perspective observe tasks being performed, allows our specialists to provide you with a Needs Analysis that details the current requirements as posed by legislation, measured against the client’s own internal protocols, and what needs to be implemented to conform to legislative requirements.

Site Specific Risk Assessment

The Site Specific Risk Assessment aims to identify the on-site hazards and risks workers are exposed to, and to provide suggested controls to mitigate identified risks thereby ensure that employees are made aware of dangers.


Fall Protection Planning

Stemming from the site survey and needs analysis, a site specific risk assessment will identify any areas where workers are required to perform tasks at height. A site specific fall protection plan is documented that provides the client with a risk assessment pertaining to the work done at height as well as all required written safe working procedures. The documented risk assessment and fall protection plan also provides the client with suggested controls to mitigate the hazards / risks that employees are exposed to.
These mitigation controls includes:

  • Task specific training requirements,
  • Written safe work procedures,
  • P.P.E. & Equipment requirements,
  • Engineered controls that may be installed (fixed installed systems / structures),
  • Technical specification and standard conformances required for all suggested controls.
  • Photos used for Step-By-Step visual presentation of safe working procedures that may be used for training and induction purposes.


Fall protection

Safety File / Site File

As many OHSE professionals working for larger companies knows, dealing with small sub-contractors can often be very stressful due to the shortcomings in light of their OHSE requirements. One of the most basic requirements to be able to work on any client’s site, is the site or safety file. This file is a legal requirement that must be site specific and needs to be kept up to date and on site by the sub-contractor. With many years’ experience Hi-Safe Solutions can assist sub-contracting companies prepare, update and maintain their safety files.


Safety Barriers & Structures

Fixed and free standing roof edge protection, free standing fold-flat roof edge protection, roof edge protection for standing seam and metal profile roofs, structurally mounted roof edge protection modules, skylight fall protection, handrails for the disabled, toe-boards and self-closing gates, etc.

Steel Fixing Engineered Products

Hollow section fixings, steel clamping fixings, steel flooring fixings and building services fixings.


Steel Fixing Engineered Products

Access Ladders & Platforms

Portable hands-free ladder system, portable ladder & access material lifting device, ladder stability safety accessories, loft & ceiling platforms, portable guarded access platforms for safe roof, fascia & wall access, guarded portable ladder, portable conservatory roof access system, portable guarded staircase platform, portable loft & ceiling access systems, portable guarded access platforms, etc.


Access Ladder

Fixed Fall Arrest Anchors & Safety Lines

Fixed horizontal safety lines for rooftops, buildings, and other constructions, fixed single man anchors for rooftops and constructions, removable single man anchors, tanker fall arrest & restraint systems, fixed overhead fall arrest systems, vertical cat ladder safety lines, overhead crane & gantry fall arrest systems, etc.


Inspection, Service, Maintenance & Re-Certification

The company provides a continuation program by which all installed and manufactured systems are serviced, maintained and, where necessary, re-certified to ensure continued conformance to legislation.