FallProtec SafeAnchor (Embedded Anchor Point)

The Safeanchor is an anchor used for maintenance of industrial, residential, airport & mall roof structures as well as  architectural highlights and monument roofs.  It can be utilized when working in confined spaces.

The Safeanchor is set by a chemical sealant in the concrete and the user attaches to the anchor via a lanyard equipped with an energy absorber or retractable block.



  • unobtrusive spring-loaded anchor point
  • can be used in aesthetic facilities.
  • TA simple touch brings out the anchor point.
  • When not used, the Safeanchor is flush against the wall surface.
  • All system components are permanently attached.


  • 1 man roof anchor
  • Breaking Strength:  >25kN
  • Circumference:  32mm
  • Depth of Sealing:  100mm
  • Weight:  0.25kg
  • Material:  stainless steel AISI316

Compliant with EN 795: 1996 Type A