FallProtec Yellow Anchor Point

The Yellow Anchor Eye Fallprotec is permanently installed on a building or structure to support people who are at risk of falling when carrying out maintenance work. The anchor is mobile on its axis.



  • High visibility anchor point
  • Rotation system
  • Suitable for abseiling works
  • Suitable for industrial fall protection
  • 2 man roof anchor


  • Fixed by one M12 bolt, the anchor point rotates to follow the end user.
  • It can be installed on the ground, wall or a ceiling configuration.
  • Breaking Strength:  >35kN
  • Circumference:  13mm
  • Weight:  0.28kg
  • Material: Folded stainless steel plate and an eyepiece of POM (polyoxymethylene) Delrin.

Compliant with EN 795: 2012 Type A / CEN/TS 16415: 2013